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Minimalist Piano

Reflective | Serious | Somber | Brooding | Repetetive

Piano Keys

Original album consisting of minimalist piano tracks that work great as underscores for the DRAMA genre. 

ESPORTS bundle

Epic | Action | Electronic | EDM | Trailer

Original music suited for ESPORTS or SciFi/Epic trailer content .

Abstract Speed

Dream State

Ambient | Atmospheric | Soft | Serene | Reflective

Original album consisting of atmospheric and ambient music. Great for reflective pieces, nature, and relaxed settings.

Orchestral Stingers

Dramatic | Horror Hits | Comedy Hits | Epic

Trumpet players in orchestra

Short phrases and hits for Dramatic purposes, Horror, Comedy and overall accenting.


Corporate | Commercial | Electronic | Light | Uplifting

Original music suited for corporate and commercial work. 

Stranger Worlds

Sci-Fi | Synthwave | Electronic | Atmospheric | Mystery

Stranger Things insired music licensing album. Royalty-free music for Sci-Fi and synthwave

Original album inspired by the music of Stranger Things. Great for

Sci-fi and otherworldly content. 

Comedic Strings

Funny| Quirky | Plucky | Animation


Funny and quirky strings music for comedy and animation.

UnchartedVideo Game Exploration

Atmospheric | Alien | Science Fiction | Adventure | Explore

Astronaut on Alien Planet

Original album consisting of atmospheric science fiction music. Great for video game exploration modes. Sci-Fi settings.

-more music to come!!​-

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