About Me

Hello! Gerardo here.

  • Texas native.(Born in Laredo, TX)

  • Bachelor's in Music Composition from the University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Graduate of USC's Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television school.

  • Based in Los Angeles, California. Love it here!

  • Mexican-American.

  • Gay/Queer. Pronouns are He/Him

  • Favorite Film Score: The Lord Of the Rings trilogy

  • Favorite Film Composer: James Newton Howard

  • Favorite genre to compose music for: Fantasy!

  • Cat person!

  • Hobbies and interests include: Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, video games, politics, hiking, dancing, vegan food, Rupaul's Dragrace, cat memes!

 |Los Angeles|gerardogarciamusic@gmail.com